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Stephen Bell Managing Director of iHR Australia and World Learning HUB

Stephen is an international entrepreneur and visionary who is committed  to maintaining his position as a thought leader within the workplace training, employer advisory and HR consulting space through continuing to innovate, educate, learn and evolve.

Stephen began iHR to fulfil his passion for educating people and fill a gap he had identified for truly engaging workplace training which would help adults to learn and would be more effective in helping participants to retain knowledge and practical skills.

Stephen created a unique learning methodology  called Workplace Reality Theatre which uses professional actors and a highly skilled and experienced facilitator who perform realistic re-enactments of situations that can occur in the workplace.

The interactive nature of Workplace Reality Theatre combined with more traditional methodologies ensures Stephen’s training appeals to visual, kinaesthetic and auditory learners; The efficacy of this approach is proven and is supported by adult learning principles.

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Bernd Salewski Project and Operations Manager of World Learning HUB

German born Bernd is passionate about all things digital and has an extensive background in technical editing, instructional design, information architecture and user education.

With more than 20 years’ experience as a writer and journalist in the field of information technology and experience as a digital project manager, Bernd is not just a “computer geek.” Using mind mapping and creative writing as tools, Bernd possesses the proactive attitude and a very creative approach to realise ideas and respond to real world problems with intelligent, practical solutions.

Training in the Digital Age

“A high impact experience which involves the user” is a fitting description for Stephen’s latest venture. Seeking to take the innovative approach even further, Stephen has partnered with Bernd and founded the World Learning Hub in order to reach out and deliver comprehensive training to a wider audience.

Based on the same principles as the Workplace Reality Theatre used in iHR’s face to face training, online training from eeotraining.com.au features 3D animations which demonstrate workplace scenarios and behaviour to give the user the most engaging online training experience available.

Stephen and Bernd’s view is that online training should not be an excuse for users to switch off and is not a quick fix or a compliance “box-ticker”. The issues dealt with in EEO training are real and, if not dealt with properly, can have a human cost for individuals as well as a financial cost to organisations.

With this in mind, Stephen and Bernd put together a highly skilled international team of designers, developers, animators and digital producers to build courses based on the storytelling principles which underpin all iHR’s training.

The World Learning Hub strives to be the leading e-learning production house worldwide by committing to constant development and improvement of its existing products and adhering to the iHR Group values of ingenuity, excellence and determination.